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December 6, 2021

Best Activities to Enhance the Effects of Delta-8

You finally did it! You ordered your delta-8 THC products and you’re ready to go. But…go do what, exactly?

Delta 8 is known for delivering the euphoric feeling that cannabis users want without the “paranoid” or “anxious” feelings many associate with traditional delta 9 THC. So that means if you’re into more than the usual activities, you’re in luck.

From a clear-headed focus to overall relaxation without sedation, delta-8 products open up plenty of great activities. Here are some of the best things you can do under the stimulating influence of delta-8 THC.

Get Lost in a Book

A hot cup of tea, a few hits from a delta 8 vape pen or a tasty delta-8 gummy, and a great book makes for a perfect afternoon (or evening, or day, weekend—we’re not here to tell you what to do). Nothing beats getting lost in an excellent book if you are looking to expand your consciousness and knowledge.

Users say delta-8 THC gets you in the zone and improves concentration, so learning and thinking will feel right to you. And if you’d rather listen to learn something new, try the audio version of whatever book has been on your list.


You’ll love yoga while you enjoy delta-8. In fact, if you’re anything like me, one of the hardest things about doing yoga the right way is letting go of distracting thoughts, being in the moment, and letting your mind wander off as you experience an elevated state of mind. This is the right headspace to expect from delta-8.

Our favorite way to do yoga with delta-8 is to first have a cup of tea and a gummy. We can relax and let the effects set it, and enjoy a little meditation, too. After a great yoga session, We’re still feeling connected and pleasantly energized.

Get Creative

We all do something different to start those creative juices flowing, but if you’ve never used cannabis, delta-8 has given you a perfect opening. Get ready for an inspiring few hours of drawing, painting, sculpting, sketching, writing, making music, dancing, or otherwise unleashing your creativity with delta-8.

Making music, art, crafts, and just about anything that takes a blend of thought and imagination is a perfect thing to do while using delta 8. This is one of the main reasons that cannabis and art are old friends. Wait and see what you make—not your standard stuff, probably.

Cook and Eat a Gourmet Meal

Elevate your cooking experience and taste buds with delta 8 edibles. People report that Delta-8 gives them the munchies similar to how that old classic Delta-9 THC reportedly does. Not only will you be focused and creative enough to come up with the perfect meal, and motivated by hunger to do it, but maybe being slightly buzzed makes tedious tasks like food prep less boring, and you’ll b ready to eat when you’re done. Magnifique!


Let’s get into the thick of it – take yourself or roll with your friends on a camping trip!  Whether you’re new to camping or a seasoned overlander, take this as a sign to go camping.  As a bonus, you get to enjoy the elevated vibes Delta-8 delivers when you’re literally high up the peak of a trail!

Look at Cool Stuff

Take in some art strolling through whatever museum or gallery is available. Is there a laser light show in your town? A planetarium? Go see a magic show and remember what it was like to really believe. Or check out some psychedelic videos at home. Personal bests for us: an outdoor glass art show and a neon store. A+!

Listen to Music

Mixing music and delta-8 is like peanut butter and chocolate, and if you don’t like that either, we probably can’t be friends. It may be your favorite playlist, but after a few delta-8 gummies, it’s a whole new experience.

Doesn’t everyone have their High AF playlist inspired by classic cannabis?


This is among the sweetest ways to really experience being outside and feeling all of your senses being awake. Go hiking and explore nature; there is always a trail or two locally that you’ve never seen, or make a trip of your hike, in every sense of the word. Delta-8 delivers a body buzz to keep your body happy and a light euphoria to keep your mind engaged throughout the hike.

Play Video Games

You’re not always in the video game zone, right? But when you are…anyway, get there and love your stay with delta 8. You’re both happy and focused, and ready to dodge blue shells like a genius—or safely kill Trevor, if that’s your thing.

Watch a Movie or TV

Sure, this is comfortably in classic stoner territory, but so what? You can go with a light, goofy pothead tale like Pineapple Express or go for something more plot-driven than you normally would. That delta 8 won’t knock you out before the end, and you’ll still remember plot details. Woohoo!

Work in the Garden

Like other chores that are mood-lifting but, at times, can be tedious, gardening is a great match for delta 8 products. Have more fun in the sun with your plant life, both raising it and consuming it. Even if you live in a place with no yard, you can work in a community garden.

Take a Soothing Nap

If you use a high enough dose of delta 8 THC, you will eventually find sleep calling your name. First there’s that state of calm, and then utter relaxation. Eventually, you feel like curling up for a long nap, likely without any restless dreams.

What Will YOU Do With Delta-8?

Are you ready to get out there and go yet? Delta 8 products are an exciting new way to experience cannabinoids. This opens the door to all kinds of new activities in partnership with THC, so: what are you going to do first?

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