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April 21, 2023

Best Things To Do While High

At first it may seem like a silly question: what should we do while we’re smoking cannabis? Because we’re already getting high. That’s what we’re doing!

But as any great stoner knows, you need to mix it up and make the most of your THC time. So in this post we’ll give you our awesome list of fun things to do while high!

Ready to maximize your good vibes? Let’s roll!

Get Outta Here: Outdoor Activities While High

When it comes to smoking cannabis and spending time outdoors, there are plenty of fun activities to do outdoors while you’re high that can make for a more rewarding experience. From nature walks and beach trips to sports and games, here’s what we recommend.

Nature Walks and Beach Trips

Really, is there anything nicer than enjoying the salty sea air and beauty of Mother Nature at the beach? Light up and take a walk in nature or at the shore to get some fresh air while enjoying the heightened awareness that cannabis brings. You’ll be able to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings on a deeper level than if you were sober.

Disc Golf and Kite Flying

If playing video games isn’t quite up your alley when you’re high, why not try something more active like disc golf? Disc golf courses have seen a rise in popularity, offering an enjoyable and physical way to pass the time while getting high. Or maybe kite flying is more up your alley – either way these activities will keep you entertained without having to stay home.

For those who prefer competitive sports while they’re high, ultimate frisbee is an excellent option. This game requires strategy but still allows for creativity; it combines elements from football and soccer so it has something for everyone. Plus listening to some good music during the game makes it even better.

Get Physical: Exercise and Fitness While High

You can also just get outside and exercise or do activities you like in the fresh air while you take advantage of your high and endorphins. Hiking, biking, kayaking, running or walking are all great options for getting some fresh air and exercise in after smoking cannabis up or enjoying a dab. Dancing is also another fun activity that pairs perfectly with marijuana use as it allows users to express themselves through movement without judgment from others.

Staying In and Chillin’ Like a Villain

If the Great Outdoors seems more like a source of terror to you than fun, no worries. The right joint can take you anywhere right inside your room.

Relaxation Techniques While Stoned

After a long day, relaxation techniques can help reduce stress levels and bring the body back to equilibrium. Focusing the mind on calming thoughts and reaching a deeper level of awareness can be achieved through meditation, which is an effective way to reduce stress.

Taking a nap or massage therapy can also be beneficial in helping one feel at ease within themselves again. A luxurious bubble bath is another fabulous thing to do while high.

Read a Book

Are we talking War and Peace or the Physician’s Drug Handbook? No, we are probably not (although some of us do our best work high).

Listen to a Podcast

This is one of my favorite activities while enjoying the effects of cannabis. Somehow, it’s all a lot more compelling. Remember, though, you may forget a lot of it.

Catch Some Zs

If all else fails, taking a nap is always an option. Marijuana has been known to cause fatigue due to its relaxing effects so don’t feel bad about wanting to take some time off from reality after smoking cannabis – sometimes our bodies need rest too. Make sure you stick to indica strains, find somewhere comfortable, because couch-lock is coming and sweet dreams are ahead.

Free Your Mind: Creative Pursuits To Try When You’re High

Cannabis and creativity are well-known to be connected, and cannabis may be the spark of inspiration you need. smoking marijuana can enhance creativity and motivate you to start—or finish—a project.

Make That! Arts/Crafts/Music

If you’re looking for an artistic outlet while smoking cannabis weed, why not give painting, drawing, sculpting or crafting a go? Whether it’s on canvas or paper, in clay or wood, these activities are great ways to express yourself after a long day. Cannabis may help you create something you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Write It All Down

Journaling to document how cannabis influences your work can help you harness it as a tool more in the future. Writing and composing with cannabis is also very fruitful for many creatives, as it helps them craft deeper, more meaningful and connected messages in their work.

There are many paintbrushes, knitting needles, and drumsticks out there sharing space in creative hands with vape pens or bongs. Creativity and cannabis are old friends.

Get a Little Help From Your Friends: Smoking Cannabis Sessions With Friends

Smoking cannabis sessions with friends are more fun than they should be, seriously. From impressing your buddies with smoke tricks like Gandalf blowing smoke rings to taking a (sober!) trip to the local theme park and enjoying some homemade brownies in the parking lot to experience a whole new rollercoaster ride, a group sesh can be a blast.

Game Night

Whether it’s old school classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, or other board games, to newer party-style games like Cards Against Humanity or Unstable Unicorns, game night is always a classic when it comes to smoking cannabis sessions with friends. It’s easy, tons of fun, and sure to be even more fun than usual. Do NOT forget snacks.

Potluck Night

Everyone bring your best dish and enjoy the munchies! Or take this opportunity of having a tremendously hungry and appreciative crowd, and try some new foods and recipes.

Karaoke or Netflix Night

Who doesn’t love belting out their favorite tunes after getting stoned? Nothing brings people together quite like karaoke night does—and if people smoke out first, they may actually sing! Gather some tunes, perhaps a few props, and you’re ready to go for an unforgettable evening of singing and laughter.

So make the most out of your day off together. Play video games or binge-watch stoner movies or tv shows. You never know what kind of shenanigans might ensue when your body feels good and all five senses are heightened thanks to cannabis consumption.

FAQs: Best Things to Do While High

What’s the best thing to do when you’re smoking cannabis?

When you feel like your high is too much, take it easy and breathe deeply. Make sure you are in a safe space. Try drinking a glass of water or eating something light, like fruit or crackers.

Take some time to meditate or listen to calming music if possible. Avoid making any major decisions while under the influence of cannabis as it can impair judgment and reaction times.

What shouldn’t you do while high?

Don’t drive or use heavy machinery. Avoid making major decisions such as signing contracts or agreements, engaging in activities with high risk of injury, and consuming alcohol. Avoid hazardous environments like swimming pools and busy roads. Follow all applicable laws and regulations concerning cannabis use.

Final Thoughts on Best Things to Do While Smoking Cannabis

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