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March 3, 2023

Spliff vs Joint: What’s the Difference and Which Is Better?

You probably know that both spliff and joint have something to do with being some form of blunt–but what exactly is the difference?

Whether you just want to know the difference or you actually need the finer points about which is better, this site has all of the information you need. In this post we’ll cover:

  • The quick definition and detailed descriptions of both joints and spliffs
  • The similarities and differences between joints and spliffs, as well as other smokable cannabis products (such as cannabis concentrate or dab in a vape, bong, or pipe) or even edibles
  • Ways the spliff “buzz” is similar to and different from more psychedelic experiences such as an LSD or acid trip or an experience with psilocybin mushrooms, DMT, or ayahuasca

And much more! So let’s get started talking about the classic spliff versus joint battle of the bands.


Generally, the main difference between a spliff and a joint is that a spliff contains both tobacco and cannabis, while a joint only contains cannabis. A spliff can also be rolled differently with one end being thicker than the other.

What is a Joint?

A joint is a rolled cannabis cigarette. It is typically rolled in cigarette paper, rice paper, hemp joint paper, or something similar that does not impart effects and is designed to merely support a better smoking experience.

Many joints also have a filter on one end to make smoking easier and help avoid burning the fingers while still getting all the way to the tips of the usable joint. Filters also ensure you also don’t need a roach clip.

Many joint fans have special methods and wraps they prefer, or like to sprinkle in something like kief for an extra kick now and again. Other users love the pure cannabis flavor of joints, and feel they have enhanced effects due to better airflow compared to spliffs.

A joint can easily be pure, high-quality cannabis flower buds and contain no tobacco products or chemical additives typically found in cigarettes and pipes. This makes it an ideal method for medical marijuana users as it’s nothing but 100% THC/CBD. For a reluctant smoker, these features might be a big deal.

Challenging the joint in the ring this evening? It’s the spliff.

What is a Spliff?

A spliff is a type of cannabis-based rolled cigar. Usually, it contains a combination of cannabis buds mixed with tobacco and other herbs and typically rolled in tobacco paper–just like a big stoner cigar. Occasionally people roll these in cones designed for airflow.

The origins of this popular smoked form of cannabis are uncertain but theories suggest that it originated in the Caribbean or possibly somewhere in Africa. When it comes to botanicals, the variety and ratio of the cannabis strains, tobacco, herbs and others filling the spliff is totally up to the smoker.

Spliff smokers love the more intense highs they get due to the combination of tobacco and marijuana in spliffs. They also love the interplay between the mellow, relaxing cannabis high and the energizing rush of the cigarillo/tobacco buzz.

Spliffs vary a lot based on their contents and style. Some people unroll little swisher sweets from the market and make their own spliffs with cannabis from a dispensary, while pre-roll spliffs are actually available in different thicknesses in some cities.

Many pot consumers also love the ability to mix things up with flavorful additions such as tobacco or herbs, as well as the way spliffs are generally less messy than the standard joint which tend to make crumbs while being passed around.

What Herbs or Materials Fill a Spliff?

Obviously tobacco and cannabis tend to go into spliffs, but so do other herbs and plants. These can include rosemary, parsley, dill, mint, anise seed, cilantro, sage, clove, lavender, thyme or any other types of herbs. (Sometimes spliff or hookah smokers at local dispensaries can offer some advice on lots of great options to try!)

However it is filled, one advantage of a spliff over a joint is that you don’t need to use as large an amount of material in total – making it cheaper than using enough material for a full joint. Ultimately it comes down to preference; however it is filled, both spliffs and joints provide an efficient way for consuming marijuana.

What is the Diameter of a Spliff?

A spliff is typically larger than a joint, although both vary in size. Generally speaking, the diameter of a spliff ranges from 1/4 to 1/2-inch wide, though this may vary by manufacturer and origin.

Variations in size can be seen when comparing different brands, or even among different batches of spliffs from the same brand. Just remember, a huge spliff might mean a long smoke session (or maybe just a few friends)!

The Difference Between a Spliff and a Joint

A spliff is a rolled cigarette that contains both cannabis and tobacco. A joint does not have tobacco, and typically has just cannabis, though it may contain small amounts of kief or concentrated cannabis oil. Both have the same purpose; to easily deliver cannabis into one’s system via inhalation.

In terms of shape and size, spliffs differ from joints in that they tend to be skinnier than joints. This is mainly because the flower-only option does not require as much paper as when mixing with tobacco. The traditional way for packing a joint is also different from that of a spliff. Typically, joints will be packed tightly so as to minimize air intake, while spliffs can be either tight or loose depending on the smoker’s personal preference.

A joint tends to be rolled with thin, lightweight paper. This makes them very easy to roll into a small, conical shape. In contrast, spliffs are typically larger and rolled with thicker papers that give them a more rounded shape.

Obviously, the spliff delivers a mixed set of effects compared to the cannabis only effects of the joint. There are pros and cons to both, and each one has a distinct place within cannabis culture.

How to Roll a Joint or Spliff

Rolling either a joint or spliff can be a challenging process for those who are new to it. However, with the right supplies and practice, anyone can become an expert roller and learn how to craft the perfect smoke.

A common way to roll both either version is to first start with rolling papers, and then fill them with either cannabis or cannabis and tobacco. Begin to roll by adding a crutch or filter at one end. This stops cannabis from falling out of the end as you are rolling the thing which is super annoying.

Once the crutch is in place, simply continue rolling up the sides until you have formed a “cone” shape. Seal it along the glue strip located on one side of the paper, light up and enjoy!

If it’s your first time rolling, we recommend watching a few “how to” videos on YouTube in order to get your bearings.

Final Thoughts on Spliffs vs Joints

In this article, we have looked at the differences between spliffs and joints, a heated debate that never seems to get old to the die-hard fans. The best part about the dispute is that both are out there for everyone to try!

The fact is, if you love cannabis smoke like we do, there’s no bad way to get it. You. might as well follow your exact tastes and preferences and get precisely what you want!

If you could have just one right now, a spliff or a joint, which would it be, any why?

Answers to FAQ

Are there any benefits to smoking a spliff versus a joint?

Yes, there are several benefits:

  • Spliffs usually contain less marijuana since the tobacco serves as filler, which means that users can feel the effects of the weed without having to use as much and leads to a more budget-friendly smoking experience.
  • Spliffs burn slower which results in fewer wasted materials from skipped or burned down joints.
  • Smokers get better flavors from a spliff because the tobacco accentuates the taste of cannabis.
  • Many users report feeling a more mellow high and fewer classic cannabis side effects like anxiety and paranoia than those who mainly smoke joints.

Is a spliff or joint better?

In terms of which one is better, it really depends on individual preference. Many argue that pure cannabis rolls offer more flavor and potency than spliffs, which tend to be more mellow due to the addition of tobacco. Furthermore, those wishing to avoid nicotine can opt for a joint. Either way, the choice rests on personal taste!

What types of materials should be used to make a spliff?

Any kind of rolling paper is fine to use. Spliff papers can vary from very thin, almost like regular cigarette papers, to thicker papers used for rolling hand-rolled cigars or blunts. However, many popular brands are now selling pre-made ‘spliffs’ with pre-measured mixes of cannabis and tobacco already included. This makes the rolling of spliffs much easier and more consistent.

No matter what type of materials you opt for when making a spliff, it is important to ensure you have enough material to fully wrap your mixture in the paper. Too little material won’t give an even burn, while too much will lead to weak flavor and difficulty with rolling.

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