4 Movie Scenes a Diet Smoke Subscription Would Fix

What movie scenes are drastically different for those within them, if, they’d gotten their Diet Smoke Subscription Box just before the scene took place. We’ve seen the question emailed to us no less than 1 million times (looking at you Kevin from Cullowhee, North Carolina, cut it out, we wrote the blog), but we’ve never seen an official answer.

How many times have we been watching a movie, show, or relationship fall apart at a dinner table across the restaurant IRL and thought “that person needs to chillllll”? It happens all the time, and while we can’t do anything to change the past no matter how many petitions your neighbor with too much free time starts, we can certainly have an intelligent, informed conversation about it.

#4) Pulp Fiction Milkshake Scene

I think we all know how this scene plays out.

What should have been an easy “Take my wife out on a date for me” type of night, didn’t end so well. There’s some dancing, a $5 milkshake, and a cocaine OVERDOSE. You know what’s never happening if we swap out the absurdly priced milkshake for a couple Diet Smoke THC Gummies? All of the bad shit, that’s whats not happening. The night likely progresses to a nice open field where they lay and watch for shooting stars and constellations, not nose bleeds and adrenaline shots in the heart. Plus, silence isn’t as awkward when you got that Diet Smoke buzz going.

#3) Violet Beauregarde eats the Gum – Willy Wonka

As a former youth basketball coach in Boca Raton, I know that when an entitled child wants something, they’re going to get it, no matter the cost. Throw in a Dad with a shit eating grin while their kid is up to their antics and you have recipe for disaster. Violet wanted that gum, took the gum, then turned into Blue Roseanne.

Now imagine instead of the gum, Gene Wilder’s Willy hands Violet a Blue Raspberry Delta 8 THC Gummie he got from his Diet Smoke Subscription. The only bad thing happening here is Willy Wonka goes to jail because you have to be 21 years of age to consume Diet Smoke, but like, that’s way better than a child ballooning into a blueberry. I mean, look at him, old man luring children into his candy house, belongs in jail, right?

#2) Sicario Dinner Scene

This one is tough. One could argue the entire movie could have used a Diet Smoke Subscription infusion from the jump. If you know this scene, you know it is not a happy ending for anyone. Not a lot to improve upon here, they just get to die while rockin a kick ass buzz. I think we all deserve an honorable, buzzed death.

#1) Se7en

Iconic scene, iconic movie. Kevin Spacey cuts off Brad Pitt’s wife’s head and puts in a box for them to discover. His plot unfolded. But what if the scene played out like this?

Brad Pitt: “what was in the box? Ahhh whats in the Boooox? WHAT IN THE FUCKIN BOX?!”

Morgan Freeman: “Dude, relax, it’s your monthly subscription from Diet Smoke, take a Cherry Lime”

*Morgan Freeman tosses a 30 pack of Cherry Lime Delta 9 gummies to Brad Pitt*

*Brad Pitt catches, eats one, turns to camera*

Brad Pitt: “No way these have THC, the flavor is too damn good! Thanks Diet Smoke!”

End Scene. Brad gets his Oscar earlier, Seven is a top 10 movie on IMDB Best Ever List instead of just a super respected cult classic.

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